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Veterinary Secrets Revealed is my 519 PAGE Manual of Dog and Cat At-Home Remedies, containing over 1000 safe, natural and effective holistic treatments.

Veterinary Secrets Revealed allows you to Easily Care For Your Pet At Home - Treat Illnesses Confidently And Competently, Using Simple Techniques And Inexpensive Natural Ingredients... and Save Thousands Of Dollars In Vet Bills!

"... Vet secrets revealed is the best thing I have ever bought ..."

"Vet secrets revealed is the best thing I have ever bought. I have 5 toy poodles so I need all the help I can get. Its also saved me a bundle. I am no vet but I do know my girls and they are all fighting fit thanks to using ideas in your book. No more outragous vet bills(sorry). I have used many of the things in there. At the moment the girls all have flaxseed iol on their food at night. which I always cook for them every night."

Kathleen Cooper, Qld Australia

"... already been a valuable tool ..."

"Dr. Andrew,

Your Web site and books have already been a valuable tool for us in caring for our two year old Yorkie. I have been able to successfully treat her allergies, find new alternatives for pain, and insist on a three year vaccine regimen, all saving us expensive trips to the Vet, and probably extending her life. As retiree's, on a fixed income, they have been invaluable, and already paid for themselves. I am so thankful for a reliable reference to rely on.

Thank You so much."

Nita Le Van, Colorado

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