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Dr Jones' Inner Circle comes with live natural pet health coaching! Sign up for any Inner Circle membership today and you'll get Dr Jones' Webstream live group coaching sessions once per month. Click below to get started now.

Holistic Dog and Cat Health Answers: Get Expert Natural Pet Health Advice When You Join Dr Jones' Inner Circle

Now in addition to giving you the best, most complete natural pet health resource online today, Dr Jones' Inner Circle also gives you the best holistic dog and cat health training you'll find anywhere—free. 

When you join Dr Jones' Inner Circle, you'll get access to Dr Jones' live coaching sessions once per month. 

In these live sessions, Dr Jones will give you the latest, emerging natural remedies you need to finally solve your dog or cat's health problems at home. That includes what natural remedy really is working now, precise step by step instructions, what not to do, what to feed, what not to feed, covering all aspects of holistic veterinary care.

Every session is recorded, so if you are unable to attend the live event, you will have access to all replays, any time.

Plus, You'll Get Every Youtube Video, All of Dr Jones' Books, Every Podcast, All of Dr Jones' Articles and Newsletters, Special Natural Pet Health Updates, and More When You Join Dr Jones' Inner Circle

350 + Videos. Every Detailed Instructional Video Dr Andrew Jones Has Produced  

Over 300 Instructional Youtube videos- all in one place and easily searchable

All exclusive Inner Circle in depth videos and interviews..over 80. Step by Step instruction and How to apply Dr Andrew's remedies.

Check out the video and see for yourself how easy it is to start using simple and easy natural at home remedies for your pets.

20+ Webinars and Web Clinics 

You'll get every instructional webinar Dr Jones has given. These include Natural Dog Health, Natural Cat Health, Dog Food, Cat Food, Most Effective Veterinary Home Remedies, How to Get Started With Holistic Healing, Best Healing Modalities, What Is Working Now With Natural Pet Health and Wellness. 

Dog and Cat Food: Advised Food, Homemade Recipes

Wondering what is best to feed your dogs and cats? Dr Jones gives you his updated Dog and Cat Food List, what to feed what to avoid.

You'll get specific homemade recipes for your pets, instructions on How to start feeding Raw, supplements to give, and emerging trends in holistic veterinary nutrition.

Healing Modalities: Herbs, Homeopathy, Acupressure, Massage, Essential Oils and Nutriceuticals 

You can easily start healing your dogs and cats at home by applying these effective healing modalities. How to start with herbs, what to give, how to give, what not to use. Homeopathy for the pet owner- you'll be suprised to see what is working now.

Acupressure 101- an incredibly effective chinese medical treatment works very well for dogs and cats- Dr Jones shows you how to start and use it effectively. Nutraceuticals for the array of common dog and cat diseases- the current and emerging nutrients that are having dramatic effects on treating disease, keeping pets healthy, and extending lives.

Dr Jones' Bestselling Books, Exclusive Articles, Library of over 1000 Newsletters 

Dr Jones' bestselling book, Veterinary Secrets, is part of his new Inner Circle- all easing searchable giving you the most current remedies you need now. 

All of Dr Jones, books, articles, and actionable content filled newsletters are now part of his new Inner Circle. Looking for the most effective remedy for cancer? It will be here. Wondering about a herb for natural pain control? You'll find it here. This alone is an invaluable resource that has never been searchable before in one place.

Dr Jones Podcast: Veterinary Secrets

Dr Jones has a popular podcast that is focused on specific natural remedies for dogs and cats. Every episode is now on his Inner Circle. All fully searchable so you can hear about that New Remedy for unusual dog diseases, such as Addisons. 

These in depth episodes elaborate on the most common dog and cat health problems, then giving you the holistic answers that you may not find anywhere else.

Getting Started

Wondering How to Start with Natural Veterinary Care?

Dr Jones' introductory course, "Veterinary Secrets Revealed Getting Started Kit" (normally sold separately but is now available on the Inner Circle, INCLUDED with your membership!), is a great way to finally start implementing some of these effective natural remedies with your pets. The Kit includes 3 Videos and 4 booklets. Watch and follow the directions in the videos and read the booklets for simple ways to get started treating your dogs and cats at home. 

And Get Extra Features to Allow You To Treat Your Dog or Cat At Home With Holistic Answers

When you log in to Dr Jones' Inner Circle, you'll see features like a search bar that allows you to quickly find the natural pet health answers that you are looking for.

A remedy for seizures, a podcast on allergy remedies, a video on acupressure for dog pain, a list of holistic answers for diabetes in cats. All of this and guidance by Natural Dog and Cat Health Expert, Dr Andrew Jones, make his Inner Circle the most important resource for pet owners wanting to treat their pets at home, keep them healthy and extend their lives. 

Again, here are some of the INCREDIBLE benefits you'll receive from joining my Inner Circle:

  • LIVE Natural Pet Health Coaching!
    Once every month you'll have exclusive access to my live group coaching sessions via Webstream.
    In these live sessions, I will give you the latest, emerging natural remedies you need to finally solve your dog or cat's health problems at home. That includes what natural remedy really is working now, precise step by step instructions, what not to do, what to feed, what not to feed, covering all aspects of holistic veterinary care.
    Plus, I will answer any specific questions you have (which you will submit via our Livestream Question Form on the Inner Circle). And of course, every session is recorded so you get access to all replays, for as long as you remain a member.
  • DOG AND CAT FOOD - MY ADVISED COMMERCIAL BRANDS AND HOME RECIPES: How to choose a quality commercial food, what my current Advised Commercial Pet Food Brands are, dozens of Veterinary Approved home recipes for both dogs and cats, how to feed Raw Food (including a video on how to prepare a raw diet), foods that are Hazardous to your dog or cat, diets for specific health conditions (including a Kidney Diet for Dogs, Cancer Diet for Dogs and Cats, and more)
  • ACCESS TO ALL 80 of my previously recorded Pet Health Demonstration & Discussion Videos, available to you immediately (Acupressure, Massage, Cancer, Arthritis, and MUCH more - a total of 80+ separate demonstration and discussion videos , plus audio reports and interviews)
  • Access to ALL of my current and past information in one place - my current YouTube Videos, Newsletters, Blog Posts and Podcasts.
  • Veterinary Secrets Revealed, Online Edition - easily search for the answers you need in the online book
  • Pet First Aid Secrets, Online Edition - my Pet First Aid Manual, online
  • Previously Recorded Webinars and Teleseminars on multiple pet health topics
  • Huge Database of Previously Answered Questions - find answers right away!
  • Site Wide Search - search the entire site easily, find what you are looking for quickly and easily
  • Articles - previously written articles on alternative as well as conventional veterinary care... over THREE HUNDRED articles on current pet health and behavior issues
  • Hundreds of pages of pet health care content (TOO MUCH TO LIST HERE)

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